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The storey began back in the early 1990’s with the vision to modernise and disrupt the window shading industry in Jordan. The idea was to introduce a contemporary shading solution that was durable, efficient and versatile, which has been our goal ever since. 

In 1994 our factory had a single production line, we started producing venetian blinds to retailers, decorators and contractors across the capital Amman, soon after we were able to expand our product range to include vertical, wooden, and roman blinds. Today our product range consists of over 12 different shading systems, that can either be manually operated or through the click of a button.

Our Story

History About Us

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Team35 Employees
Factory2,000 Sq Meter
Installation Teams3 Teams
Track Record27 Years
Warrantee24 Months


To provide a tailored service offering an exquisite range of exclusive window coverings to our clients.


To become the leading regional shades supplier, covering various markets and landmark projects.


• Quality • Commitment • Customer Service • Team Work • Result Driven