Andalus Blinds, Curtains & Interiors

Service – Interior

We conducts a thorough site survey and analyse various aspects crucial to both functionality and design, we then advise on the optimum shading solution for your living space. Our team of technicians and designers will also prepare shop-drawings and renders to help you visualise your interiors with our shades up.

All of our blinds, curtains, and soft furnishings are handmade to the highest specifications and most exacting standards, using state of the art tools & techniques. Our team has been mastering the craft for over 30 years, and still embrace the challenge of an ever changing industry.

Our project managers lay our a comprehensive plan with the technicians ahead of any installation to ensure all health and safety requirements are met, we aim for a minimal disruption to your daily routine. 

Installers will leave your property clean and tidy.

Whilst our blinds & curtain require very little maintenance, Andalus can carry out annual checks on all of our installed products, to ensure all blinds are functioning up-to standards.